Do it because you can. Do it because you want to. What better reason?

  1. Is there something you enjoy doing, without needing a reward for it? Must everything have a well-defined purpose?

Sometimes I find it so difficult to let go of the feeling that I’m wasting my time when doing something which doesn’t seem to have any immediate, apparent reward. The feeling that it’s pointless, that my effort is wasted, that no one will care and I will get no money from it. So why do it? Why bother?

It’s so important to find things you enjoy, and do more of that. To enjoy the experience itself, and not just suffer through the process in the name of some future ideal.

Life is lived moment by moment. If we can’t be present, here, now, and enjoy it then when will we start doing it? When does the time come when we say “I’m just going to do this because I enjoy it, even if I gain nothing else from it”?

Can I enjoy designing a website for free, if it’s to promote someone who’s changing the world for the better? Can I write an article for free, if it’s to spread ideas I believe in? Can I offer perspective and advice to someone even if they’re not going to pay me for “coaching” or be eternally grateful?

I think I can. And if not now, then when?

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