How about quality and generosity, not popups?

Popups are annoying. Especially when you go to a website to read something and you instantly get flashed with a popup begging you to “subscribeee pleaseee we have cookies!!” before you even get a chance to read 2 sentences and find out what the hell the article is even about, or if it’s any good.

How many times does it happen to you to arrive on a website with no ads, no popups, great content, and after 2 seconds think to yourself “damn it where’s my popup before I read this”?

Why would you even subscribe if you didn’t even get a chance to look at the website and find out more? Apparently, many people do. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that the “Subscribe” button is 2 meters tall on your screen, and the “No thanks” button is a 12px text link. Ever tried clicking one of those on your phone?

When you like the ideas, the content, the website, I’m sure you can find the subscribe button in the menu, or the sidebar, or the footer. And you won’t need to be interrupted, begged or bribed to do it either.

When website owners put more value on metrics, numbers and ads it doesn’t inspire trust. It doesn’t make us feel like they’re trying to make the world a better place, or that they’re passionate about what they do.

It makes us feel like they treat us a number, our attention as a cheap form of currency. That they try to shove their apps and ads down our throats, so they can mine our attention and make money off it.

The internet can be more than that, media can be more than that.

If you can’t find a way to make money except through sticking your ads and apps in our eyeballs hoping for a miss-click and a few $ of add revenue, then why even bother with a website, how long is that gonna work?

Hopefully not for long, because NO, I don’t want your damn app.

I’d like your desire to change the world(or the internet) for the better, goodwill and generosity, and you can have mine in return.


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