Different personalities

What would be your ideal lifestyle? How would a perfect day look like in your life?

If you’re the type of person who could stay forever on a sunny beach with an umbrella and a glass of something cold, the people who seem to always chase more work, more money, more things to do… well they might seem insane to you.

Why would you always strive for more, if it’s pretty well known and documented that beyond affording a decent lifestyle, money almost doesn’t increase your happiness at all?

These people must be greedy as hell. Or they must not know what it means to live the good life, they should just learn to relax and live a little, right?

Well, it might actually just be the case that they’re wired differently. Their personality is simply different, and they ¬†find meaning in different things.

Some of us rank high in openness(creativity, love for ideas, art etc.), but we’re not really dutiful(meaning to take obligations seriously, be careful, vigilant, organized, and finish what you start), pretty low in work capacity and have a low tolerance for boring activities. This type of person hates “hard work”, they much prefer “smart work”, creative activities, and they burn out quickly when faced with repetitive tasks, rules and boundaries.

The people who are the opposite, who are not too open and creative, but rather more dutiful, they hate when a day goes by and they don’t do “anything”. Work gives them structure and meaning. They make good managers, they’re good at running things, they enjoy responsibility , but they’re not very interested in coming up with new ideas or going against the grain.

Moral of the story: we don’t all thrive on the same virtues, and the same lifestyle, which is why it’s so important to make our own choices, think for ourselves and get pressured into streamlining our life or personality.

Differences are to be embraced and celebrated, not picked apart and standardized.

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