Science doesn’t take away the magic

As we go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, and we find out more and more about how things really work, about what makes us tick, does it take away the magic and innocence of being fascinated with our feelings and experiences?

As the mystery fades, and we learn the mechanisms of our humanity, as well as the nature around us, do we enjoy it less? Does it make it more mundane, unimpressive, not exciting anymore?

Well, just because we know the chemical reactions behind love, does it make it less romantic? Does it feel any different than before? Does it slow down your racing heartbeat?

When we understand the features and proportions that make up beauty, do people look less beautiful?

Does knowledge of the sun make you feel less heat, or darken up the light? Does the vastness of the ocean diminish with the formula for water?

Or does an ever deeper, ever more complex and fascinating magic start to form?

A magic that stimulates our curiosity and expands our imagination. One that makes us take just one more step, ask just one more question.

“What if?”

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