Don’t swim against the tide

  1. It’s a popular trend to be told you can do anything, that nothing can stop you, that you can achieve any goal. But is that really true?

If you’re 165cm tall with bad muscle control, you’re not gonna be an NBA star anytime soon. If you got an IQ below 100 and take a CEO position you’ll burn out faster than you can light a candle.

There are limits built into your genetics, right from the beginning, that determine what you can be good at, and what you’ll suck at no matter what. Your physical construction determines some of your limits, your intelligence others, and personality traits others still.

Going against these limits with an inhuman amount of hard work and the right conditions might get you some success, but it’s often exhausting, soul crushing and unfulfilling. Tips and tricks and hacks and guides will do nothing for you when your whole being is wired for a different thing.

Why swim against the tide instead of embracing your strengths, passions and obsessions to make the most of them?

Every one of us has something we’re good at, something that seems effortless and comes easy. A skill or ability we take for granted or dismiss in favor of what people praise and glorify. But it’s exactly that skill, when honed and developed, that can make you the best at what you do. That allows you to bring real value to those around you, instead of being just another cog in the system.

Ignoring your real strengths keeps you average, bored and boring. Unremarkable, nothing special or not even interesting.

It seems like a much better proposition to understand yourself, your personality, the kind of impact you want to have in the world and the lifestyle that makes you happy. Then set up your entire life to make it happen.

Don’t swim against the tide.

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