Take personal responsibility

You can’t fix the world, society or community in which you live by pointing fingers, blaming other people or complaining about the system.

“They” are you. The system is you. You are a part of it as much as the people you’re pointing fingers at.

The failure of a system or society is the failure of people at an individual level to do the right thing. The way you live life, the morals you adopt or not, the small choices you make in your day to day life is reflected in the bigger picture of your society.

If you want to fix the world you have to fix yourself. Set yourself straight, forge your character, live a virtuous life and create a strong moral background.

Start with the little things that you can improve in your own life and then slowly expand your range of influence and make things better around you, to the degree of your ability. And continue to expand, until you can see the change you want happen in the world.

Or until you die.

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