On the edge between order and chaos

You know that feeling when you start a new job, try to learn a new skill, or have a new experience? That feeling of “oh my god what am I doing here I’m so confused and stressed out, I’m not sure I can do this”?

That’s what you feel when you leave behind the order and structure of your old life and your old self so that you can go to the next stage of your journey. To explore. To take some risks, and get some potential rewards for them. But in doing so you invite a little (or a whole lot of) chaos into your life.

The chaos can be tough to handle, but those are the difficult, confusing moments that define you as a person. In those moments you get to choose who you get to become. Do you step up to the challenge, learn new things and grow as a person, or do you quickly run back to your same old patterns and routines, and remain stuck within the limits of your old self?

Wether you like it or not, you can’t live your life within complete order and routine. That’s not only terribly boring, it’s also a guarantee that you won’t grow or learn new things about yourself or the world around you. You have to go outside your area of knowledge, experience and expertise and face hard challenges that force you to bring out the best in you. Only then can you begin to explore the boundaries of your potential.

At the same time, you can’t take on too much, too soon. You can’t live in complete chaos either, where everything is difficult and nothing is certain. That will completely overwhelm you and tear you apart at the seams. You want your growth to be gradual, but constant. You take on as much struggle, risk and difficulty as you can, but not without completely losing control over your life or yourself.

As much as you might drift to one side or the other, you want to always come back and be right at that border between order and chaos. Between routine and exploration. Between risk and safety. That’s the only way you can make the best of both.

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