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Hi, I’m Cristian.

I talk about making your own choices and living life on your terms.

I also do graphic design.

This website is about exploring ideas and starting interesting conversations.

It’s not about telling you what to do, it’s not about being right or wrong and it’s not about giving you the magic formula for happiness.

I believe each of us should rely less on being told what to do, what to think, on listening to authority figures and gurus, and instead form our own opinions. Ask our own questions. Decide for ourselves how we want to live life.

What a “good life” means is different to each of us, and I think we should embrace the freedom to create our own lifestyle, instead of being pressured into conventional wisdom and a cookie cutter existence.

I’ll be sharing my subjective thoughts and opinions on interesting topics such as social norms, critical thinking, freedom, science, or the role of technology in our lives.

I’d like to ask many important questions about our approach and attitude towards these topics, and I hope you’ll offer your perspective, ideas and points of view on them.

Let’s start a conversation.

Take the risk of thinking for yourself.

Christopher Hitchens