December 2017



Is there such a thing as being unbiased? Having no prejudice? Being equally attracted to fat and fit? Equally respecting homeless and accomplished people? Doesn't everything from your genetic makeup to your upbringing, culture, location [...]


November 2017

Be willing to be the fool


How many opportunities have you lost because of your inaction? Your desire to save face? To avoid looking like a fool? Opportunities that might have changed your life if you were just willing to risk [...]


Take personal responsibility


You can't fix the world, society or community in which you live by pointing fingers, blaming other people or complaining about the system. "They" are you. The system is you. You are a part of [...]


October 2017

The creative problem


Creativity is like a gambling game, high risk high reward. If you're a creative person, chances are you hate the idea of having a regular job and all you want is to go around, explore [...]


Know thyself


For all our potential, we have our limitations. We can only take in a fraction of the world at a time. We filter out most of what's out there, we simplify and limit our experience [...]


Welcome to the dark side


There's a deep, hidden part of you that's dark, aggresive and capable of terrible things. It's very tempting to lock it away, to try and be nice all the time, to ignore the resentful, angry, [...]


Reading is good, writing is better


Writing is one of the best ways to improve your thinking. It's a great tool that helps you make sense of new knowledge and ideas. You can read... and read... and read... but if you [...]


The wisdom of the extended family


Nowadays most of us in the modern world tend to have a very limited family experience. We live and grow up only with our parents in the house and if we're lucky, perhaps one or [...]

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