Clickbait must die

Since we have a seemingly endless amount of information, relevancy and curation have become more important than ever. Matching someone with the facts, insights and ideas they're looking for is miles better than spamming as [...]

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Black and white

Yes or no. Right or wrong. True or false. All or nothing. Us or them. Black and white thinking is easy. It's lazy, but it's quick. No need to think too much, no need to [...]

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Is there such a thing as being unbiased? Having no prejudice? Being equally attracted to fat and fit? Equally respecting homeless and accomplished people? Doesn't everything from your genetic makeup to your upbringing, culture, location [...]

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Be willing to be the fool

How many opportunities have you lost because of your inaction? Your desire to save face? To avoid looking like a fool? Opportunities that might have changed your life if you were just willing to risk [...]

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Take personal responsibility

You can't fix the world, society or community in which you live by pointing fingers, blaming other people or complaining about the system. "They" are you. The system is you. You are a part of [...]

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